14 January, 2012

My first blog

   After a year learning about many web 2.0 tools and visiting many popular blogs in the field of EFL/ESL teaching, I have decided to make my own blog. In the beginning, I wasn't enthusiastic enough about making my own blog, because I was not sure I would like writing in public!!!
   The story started two weeks ago when I met Graham Stanley, a teacher and social media consultanat at the British Council, Barcelona,Spain and a great webhead. We talked about many things. It was my first time to meet an online friend f2f. He was in Egypt giving some training to teachers in the British Council in Cairo, Egypt. But while talking with him about blogs and how I don't feel like writing to the public though I have wanted so much to have my own blog , he told me that a blog is either to publish your work for an audience, or to reflect on what you learn as if keeping a record or a diary about new experiences and new tools you learn, so that you can go back to it any time. This second point was what I really wanted to do: to keep a record of what I have learnt and my reflections about it. So, this blog will be mainly my online space to reflect on everything new I learn or apply in my teaching. It will be my record of how my professional development journey goes on.

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